Garlic & Rosemary




Our spreadable yogurt snack is delicious and healthy at the same time. I’ve always loved having friends over and I love good food. So when I have friends over for a cocktail party, I make everything from scratch. I don’t like to have the usual fare. I like to keep things interesting, or unusual. I’ve been making the yogurt balls for my friends for many years and everyone is surprised when they bite into it. Friends ask to take the left overs home.

Most snacks are full of chemicals and preservatives which are not healthy and helps in weight gain. But Pariva yogurt bites are healthy. It’s a probiotic, but mostly it’s addictively yummy. It’s made with Organic and HEALTHY ingredients.

Need a quick snack? Try our Yogurt bites on toast or crackers. Friends coming over? Put out a jar of Pariva and you will be the hostess with the mostest! You can also put it on a salad as a garnish or protein like a steak or fish. I love using the left over oil to marinate my meats. One of my favs.