A unique accessory for your stone beverage dispenser that will make loading your bottle so much easier. We call it the “I ain’t liftin that rock” accessory because by using it you will no longer have to lift the rock!


How to use:

  1. Open your bottle and re-cork it by using the size that fits best (there are two different sizes)
  2. Turn your bottle upside down and place it in the dispenser with the stoppers cord coming out of the air vent slot in the back.
  3. With the valve closed, simply pull on the cord to remove the stopper from the bottle. Air bubbles should be seen in the bottle once the stopper has been sucessfully removed.

The stopper will stay in place until the bottle is empty.


*Beverage dispenser sold separately. Dispenser is made for dispensing wine, water, juice, or liquor. Do not use carbonated liquids (soda, champagne, beer, etc.).*